Medicare Seminars

I give seminars on Saturday afternoons (via Zoom) to seniors who have questions about Medicare. My purpose is to address the many questions most seniors have about Medicare during the open enrollment period. Each seminar is about 90 minutes long and focussed on the following objectives:

1. I’ll explain exactly what traditional Medicare offers seniors.

2. I’ll provide clear examples showing roughly how much you should expect to pay for specific medical services if you have only Medicare.

3. I’ll explain how to read and understand medical bills and Medicare claims statements.

4. I’ll show how much your medications will cost you with or without a Part D plan.

5. I’ll explain how Advantage and Medigap plans really work and what to expect from them.

After the presentation I will take any and all questions for as long as the people attending have them. I offer this seminar Each Saturday afternoon if I have at least a dozen people who are interested. I charge $20 per participant. If you are interested, email me at: [email protected] If you know anyone else who might be interested please tell them to contact me. My goal is to provide those who attend this seminar with information all seniors should be aware of and, unlike the insurance companies, I promise won’t be selling anything at the seminar (well, okay, I will mention my book one time at the beginning).

I understand that seniors are rather confused about Medicare and that much of this confusion is generated by insurance companies who wish simply to sell more policies. The biggest problem seniors have with understanding Medicare is that there is very little information offered about Medicare that doesn’t come from a health insurance company. Even AARP is “partnered” with United Healthcare and primarily focused on “helping” seniors get access to more insurance.
You can pay me the $20 via Paypal @